Enter Blythe

I finally broke down and brought home a Blythe after admiring them from afar for many years (at least since 2007!) and attempting to convince myself that I didn’t need one.

Please meet Starboard! She’s a TBL Blythe I bought second hand who I am slowly customizing into a nautical themed girl :) She’s the focus of a 365 “A Doll a Day” photo project I’ve undertaken for 2013. Here are the first three shots from the project:




She’s so charming! I’m also setting up a “room” for her in an old bookshelf. I have the wallpaper and flooring papers, but just need to take the time to trim and glue them into place. I’m having a lot of fun getting back into my doll and crafting hobbies following a rough (personally speaking) year. I hope everyone else is kicking off the new year with happiness, too! :)


SD BJDs for Sale or Trade!

I’d like to sell or trade my SDs as the size really isn’t working for me anymore and I’d prefer to focus my collection on MSDs and smaller dolls.

Dollmore Youth Eve Fine LE15 Lovely Lingerie – $550 shipped in the USA or $600 shipped international

Her faceup is still in mint condition. Her nailpolish has rubbed a little on a few fingers, but it’s pale pink so difficult to notice unless you’re looking for it.

She will come with:
– box, certificate, face protector, wig cap, pillow
– limited edition fullset outfit, wig, eyes and heel feet
– flat feet currently attached
– 3 additional wigs (2 black, one blonde pictured)
– 1 additional pair of light blue glass eyes (pictured)
– 1 additional outfit (shirt, pants, boots)

You can see more pictures of her here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/32196484@N08/sets/72157625986174475/


Loongsoul YeSha – $350 shipped in the USA or $400 shipped international

His default faceup is still in perfect condition and I believe he has slight overall yellowing (he’s 2 years old) but I have nothing to compare him to.

He will come with:
– box, certificate, face protector
– 3 fur wigs (2 blonde, 1 black pictured)
– 1 pair Eyeco soft glass Dresden eyes (pictured)
– default white underwear
– Loongsoul LingYu head (received as a free event gift when I bought YeSha) – has had 1 faceup that has been removed

He has a small crack on one arm next to the elbow joint:

You can see more pictures of him here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/32196484@N08/sets/72157624148199806/

I would be willing to do a full or partial trade for either/both dolls. The list below is to give you an idea of items I may be interested in :)

  • Hot Toys Whiplash complete set
  • Sunshine Holiday (w/ or w/o stock) or Bow Wow Trad (prefer NRFB)
  • Pure Neemo Flection S body in NS or WS
  • Tan Licca body
  • Isul GOSICK Kazuya Kujo (w/ or w/o outfit)
  • Isul Lir fullset (prefer NRFB)
  • Taeyang Batman (w/ or w/o outfit)
  • Wings for Monster High Gargoyle CAM boy
  • Monster High Deuce Gorgon DOTD outfit (with or w/o doll)
  • Clothes/shoes/eyes/wigs/props for any of the above listed dolls
  • Faceup supplies (especially gloss and MSC)
  • Saran hair for rerooting (especially looking for white, buttery yellow blonde blend, lemon yellow, lime green, hot pink, bright orange)
  • Blonde mohair for rerooting (enough for MH doll)

If you’re interested, please have feedback on DoA, Dairyland, PP, Etsy, Ebay or another reputable site available. I reserve the right to refuse to sell to or trade with anyone for any reason.


Back in the Groove

I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal stuff the past handful of months and now that things are going a bit better, I’m getting back into my hobbies again :) My few followers may notice I’ve changed my username most places. This is directly connected to the issues I’ve been dealing with, which I don’t particularly want to talk about within the doll community as it’s not relevant to my enjoyment of the hobby. I did want to say that I’m not trying to hide or anything, I just no longer feel any connection (never really did, honestly) to the handle “Mighella” so I’ll no longer be using it save for on several forums (like DoA) where name changes aren’t allowed. If you want to address me as Mighella, that’s fine, but I’d really prefer Malinir going forward <3

To kick things off, I’ve been practicing knitting for my dolls again. I’m planning to work more diligently at keeping my etsy store stocked and working on a little marketing for it at least once a week. My family is at a new low financially, so I’m hoping to genuinely bolster our income with a little padding via my store. I’m using my early experiences with what sells and what doesn’t as I move forward with Dolled Up Knits :)

As of right now I’m planning to mostly focus on making items for SD (girl), slim Mini (girl) and YoSD/Lati Green BJDs. I’ll also be making a few items for Monster High and Petite Blythe to start with, but I’m not sure how much demand there is for knit and crochet goods for those dolls. It’ll be an experiment!

Here’s a little sample of what I’ve been working on for my own dolls while I work out what will work best for my little shop:

Knit dress for Amity WIP

Knit skirt for Monster High doll.

Knit top for Monster High doll.

I’m also still looking to sell or trade my SD boy, a Loongsoul YeSha. Please contact me on DoA if you’re interested!

Brick by Brick

After months of leaving my dolls languishing, bored, on their shelf, I finally found some inspiration for a photo session.

One of my main issues right now is that, due to lack of funds, I have zero furniture for my BJDs. I’ve found some pieces that I really want, but I just can’t spend money on non-need items :/ So… why not make them some props and furniture myself?

Damien plays with some My Little Ponies

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Monster High

I’ve been increasingly obsessed with Monster High dolls. With money tight, things falling apart around the RL (stuff that requires money to fix, like my teeth :B ), it’s a lot easier to justify buying a “fullset” doll for $20 than one part of a doll outfit for the same price. I now have 7 MH dolls and definitely plan to get more!

I’ve only dabbled in customization so far, and have made an “original character” or “OC” zombie girl, Tibia Cadaver, from a Dead Tired Ghoulia and the skeleton girl CAM (create-a-monster) kit.

Here are some of the better photos of my collection :)

Skull Shores Ghoulia in Comic Book Club fashion pack clothes.

SS Ghoulia & Tibia (DT Ghoulia custom) heard Operetta has braaaaains...

Tibia (DT Ghoulia custom) shows off the dress I made for her.

Rochelle gazes deep into her crystal ball.

SS Frankie and SS Draculaura pose like classic pinup girls in their beach duds.

Kitty is Here!

I’ve had a busy week with my new BJD and my brand new camera arriving, so I’m just now getting around to sharing here that Kitty arrived on the 9th! :D


Box opening photos under the cut (pardon the lameness, they were taken before the new cam arrived), but here is my awesome Minifee Rena <3


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Hello, Goodbye

Today I sent off my Pipos Cheshire to his (or maybe her now?) new home. This is the first time I’ve rehomed a BJD and my first resale of a BJD. I thought I’d always be sad about selling off any of my resin crew, no matter how much or how little I’d bonded with them, but right now I just feel very happy and refreshed.

I loved Chester very much and have always been utterly charmed by his adorable smile and sweet face <3 But in the end I’ve learned that anthros and fully single jointed dolls just aren’t for me. Dorian will also be going to a new home relatively soon, which is very exciting for both of us as he’ll be keeping his personality and everything! He’ll just be moving across the world on a grand adventure. :3

Also, I got my shipping notice for Kitty (and Selena’s face) yesterday! :D My girls should be home Monday and I am SO EXCITED!!!!

This is a great way to kick off the new year with BJD style :)